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Performance5 Avenue of Life 4 Picture Courtesy Rabin Kaji Shakya1
sabita performance
Every second in every corner of the world, no woman, girl, old man is left behind by the fear of rape. Questions keep popping up in my mind as to when the scene of this human demonic violence against women will end and who will come up with a solution. In this context, I have tried to show this performance piece.
In it, I have used jhula and melon symbolically. Just as people use mosquitoes to ward off mosquitoes, I have used them as a house or room to avoid the negative view of women, and melon as a male character. Even when living in a house, women are insecure even from some of their own relatives. The knives used during the art have tried to convey the message that those criminals should be given some kind of severe punishment.
In this 21st century society where people are still entangled in stereotypes and superstitions, this performance of mine has become the epitome of art based on protesting against the extremely painful torture of women as witches. I have focused on the notion that we should not believe in superstitions like witchcraft in this performance art and that we should reject the injustice being done to women in society.
I have used the black eye as a symbol of a society that accuses women of being witches and the white eye of a society that seeks to do justice to the fact that women are not witches.
Black eye 2018
Re energize 2016 e1631082165841
Performance3 Reenergize2
Performance3 Reenergize3
Re-energize is the concept of my performance, performed during Kathmandu International Performance Art Festival held on 19th-22nd September 2016, the festival was organized by Bindu space for artists’ in association with NIPAF, Japan and with venue partner The Taragaon Museum, Boudha, Kathmandu.
In this Performance with my concept, I am  trying  to communicate the idea of energy that we everybody have with our self. The device charger has been used in the performance tied in the hair that retells the connection with the head means the external energy for wisdom. The performance in quite related with the ultramodern time that everybody is tied with the external energy. So this performance tries to sense that we should value our own energy.

” Performance art is a powerful means of expressing one’s concept using body and body gestures, which has no boundaries.”


Sabita Dangol I Visual Artist