Art Life


” for me art is a solace of souls which express through out the colors and lines.”

— Sabita Dangol, Visual Artist

16 Embrace Acrylic on canvas 36x60inch 2021
14 Prosperity of love Acrylic on canvas 24x24inch 2020

Born into a family of Newar community and local merchant, I grew up with the religious and wide cultural surroundings. My childhood was full of memories & experience of cultural significances and its impressions. I had my keen interest on my studies and used to stood best among other students. My interest on art started since childhood when I used to prepare the art and craft items including making of greeting cards, glass painting, designing and decorating house with floral crafts and artworks. I used to impressed with the artworks that used to be as a decoration on trucks and lorry that used to stopped nearby my house and I used to drew those artworks by observation which was painted on the different sections of the vehicle as the truck art.

My interest towards art and craft grew up into the next level when I was pursuing my higher studies on biology. The biological drawing of insects and creatures was the things I was enjoying to sketch it. During the study of biological science, I happen to visit the Fine Art College along with my friend and finally decided to pursue higher studies in Fine Art skipping my previous studies. I started Intermediate level study IFA in fine arts and passed out BFA in 2011 from Lalitkala Campus. I identified my inner passion towards art and painting and started a formal education on it. Along with the art syllabus and the lessons I begin to sharpen skill and develop the intuitions to explore through the artworks.

I realized myself as I can be a complete artist when I was taking part in a competition which was organized by Fine Art College, student association and stood 2nd position. This success marked a important turning point on my life that fueled my art passion and I started to dream as accomplished artist someday.

I did my first solo show ‘Insight of Foliate’ in 2011 at Nepal Art Council. Which was a successful part of my art startup and then I started to work continuously.

I pursued MFA in 2011 and Passed out in 2013 with Masters Degree of Fine Arts from Central Department of Fine Arts, Tribhuvan & did my next solo show ‘Solemn Odyssey’ in 2016 at Taragoan Museum. Simultaneously I started my career in fine arts and started to teach my ideas in local institutions as part time art instructor.

I did my next show ‘Interconnected Affection ‘in 2018 at GG Machhan. Followed by this show I had a chance to featured in India Art Fair at New Delhi in 2018 representing artist from Nepal, Nepal Art Council was been representing & showing Nepali Contemporary artist work since some years. My artwork was also selected on ’18th Asian Art Biennale’ at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on the same year. I have been actively engaged in art activities in Nepal and abroad then after.

‘She juxtaposes imagination and reality to make surreal compositions , using objects seen and used in daily life. The reality of these objects acquire a new function and are transformed in imaginative compositions expanded on the the canvas.’

Museum of Nepali Art – MONA

10 Frankness of Hope Acrylic on canvas 28x34inch 2020

I About My Artwork

My artworks are the reality of my inner intuitions and imaginations. Essentially the core idea of my artworks has always been about expressing the positive notions. The images that I enjoy depicting are comb, fish, floral & decorative patterns inspired from local folk art & Paubha art. My imagination fuses one entity with the other and with that her thought expands on the canvas. These thoughts grow like my hair and these hair is different than the hair in reality. Comb untangles hair and in a way it resolves our life problems, This is why have been using comb as a symbol that solves problem and bring harmony.