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Celebrated Artists Ishan Pariyar & Sabita Dangol exhibits their artworks on 4th duet show

A duet show by celebrated artists Ishan Pariyar and Sabita Dangol is on display at the Siddhartha Art Gallery Annex from the 3rd of March. It was the couple’s unique idea to exhibit their beautiful artwork on the day of their marriage anniversary.

Interfusion is the artwork from the artist Ishan Pariyar collaboration with Sabita Dangol. The medium used in the painting is acrylic on canvas and dimension of the artworks is 48x48x1.5 inch. The painting is created in the year 2023.  Interfusion is the painting made by couple artist Ishan and Sabita, a celebrated couple artist from Nepal and this is one of the collaborative painting made by them to celebrate their marriage anniversary. In the painting a couple of young man & women are made inside the shape of yin yang and the figures of mountains, monasteries, temples, stupas, houses etc. has painted according to their surroundings. The yin yang from Chinese philosophy signifies for the opposite and interconnected forces. Hence the painting tries to complement their compatible thoughts and their living by including their surroundings and the ideas.  

Ishan Pariyar collaboration with Sabita Dangol Interfusions 1
Interfusion 48x48in Acrylic 2023

Incarnation is the artwork by Sabita Dangol made by in collaboration with Ishan Pariyar, who is also a visual artist. Being a couple artist so they have decided this time to paint in one single canvas following their ideas and theme, symbols and styles to commemorate the anniversary themed exhibition. The painting ‘Incarnation’ retells the symbolism of Ardhanareshwor to depict the Prakriti and Purusha . In this picture, the combination of prakriti and men is made in an attractive color as the main theme in the presentation of two pictures of Shiv and Parvati. The background has been made with relevant landscapes with mountains, cities and shrines.

Incarnation is the artwork from the artist Ishan Pariyar collaboration with Sabita Dangol.
Incarnation 48x48in Acrylic 2023

Come and witness their creative expressions, the exhibition runs open until 31’st March 2023.

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